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(Virtual) Education

  • Private One-on-One Lessons

  • Group Lessons (Zoom)

  • Professional Lessons

  • Makeup Bag Education

  • Mentorship

  • IG Live Class @hollieberrybeauty

Image by Ella Jardim
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Past Classes

If you missed attending my live classes, have no fear! You can now purchase to watch at your leisure!

Getting Zoom Ready

Learn how to do your makeup, light yourself and change your background for virtual meetings and more!


Princess Hair

Learn from one of San Diego's Top Hairstylists how to do a Princess Hair and bun for your little girl or flower girl!


Makeup and Brush Sanitization

Learn how to keep yourself healthy and safe during these times. How to clean your makeup and makeup brushes!


In Depth Hair Classes

Learn how to braid, curl, cover your 'unicorn hair' and even do updos!

  • Covering Greys and Braiding

  • Basics of Curls

  • 3 Quick Updos

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