• Hollie Berry


Updated: Mar 22

Vulnerable moment: I thought I was okay but as one after another appointment from my calendar disappears I start to see a calendar full of $0 zip, nada and wonder, what now? I know this is (hopefully) temporary but this couldn't have come at a worse time. For many of us (Hair/Makeup Artists) our work is seasonal with March beginning the boom of wedding season. The beginning to that sweet income, busy work, living our passion being creative. Now what? More free admin work? How is that going to pay the bills? More videos? Try and book lessons? Who is going to pay for it?!? I know it's not only our industry that feels like they've been bulldozed, but man we are one of the first to feel it's impact. EVERYONE is affected somehow and someway. You try not to personalize it.....but it feels personal. We don't work for a big corporation, we don't have paid sick time, hell we are lucky if we have anything saved from our slow season to buy TP or food. JK jokes on you- THERE IS NO TOLIET PAPER bwahaha

So how are you going to save your sole? Your sole proprietorship? I'm not going to lie, I have been imagining what life would have looked like if I still had that 9-5, or kept that counter job, or if I had some sort of backup plan like I do when zombies take over. (If zombies took over paying bills would be out of the question, duh.) While time feels like it has frozen in this weird reality I also feel like it has sped up on my impending D day aka 0 balance, worthlessness. Try to not feel anxious, depressed or yourself! BECAUSE YOU ARE QUARANTINED. Are you sure we aren't living in a zombie movie? No, because rent is still due on the first. 😂 So please for my own sanity and sake - what are you doing as a freelance hair/makeup artist/sole proprietor/human being to keep it together?

Move forward?

Earn an income? How is that working out for you so far?

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