• Hollie Berry


Updated: Mar 17

Have you ever seen the movie- Pursuit of Happyness? The one with Will Smith?

If you haven’t, check it out.

This part of my life is called – HUSTLE.

I have a vision, I have a goal. I knew going into this month it wasn’t going to be easy. I unfortunately fell in love with a career which puts a lot of mileage on your body. I am feeling the affects but pushing through. I have to.

I feel like I start a lot of things with passion and each time I try I get closer to finishing that goal. Last month it was a poem a day. I did pretty well until life started happening. I’m not done yet- I just had to hit pause.

As long as I have breathe in this body I have to keep going. I will continue to smile through the pain. I will reach out to my close friends and family for support when I need it. I used to think asking for help was a sign of weakness but it’s quite the opposite. To surrender and ask for help is pretty frickin’ brave.

I’m starting to realize maybe I’m braver than I think. When I get down on myself for not measuring up to others values of success I have to remember my own.

It’s not about the Benjamin’s. It’s about the impact I bring and the work I enjoy. Art will always be my first love. I grew up on color theory and crafting anything and everything with my hands. If I have given you a handmade gift- you own a piece of my heart. If I have done makeup or hair on you I have given you a piece of me. Thank you for allowing me such an honor and gift.

My biggest hurdle is myself. My self esteem. The little voice saying you are not good enough- look at so and so. Well I can’t do that anymore. I literally have to internally bitch slap that voice and be like- Nahhh we are not doing this.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. You got this! Keep going! So what if you failed? You just found another way of not succeeding. Sometimes you have to discover the No’s before you realize what Yes is.

I am counting my blessings. I am forever grateful for the love and support in my life. The real talk on my perspective check.

I know I have black and white thinking. Calm or chaos. I am working towards a state of calm AND choas. Being the water bottle instead of the soda bottle being shook up and then exploding.

This. Is. NOT. An. Easy. Task.

Again I am unlearning three decades plus of faulty wiring. I’m finally going into the power box and cleaning it out. Rewiring the system to run smooth and successful.

I want to paint the word beautiful. I want it to smile back at me. It’s why I’ll keep smiling. Smile through the stress, through the pain, through all the human emotions.

I have a dream. It will be my reality.

Wish me luck on the long road ahead! I wish you luck on yours! Whatever your dream is. If I can support you let me know. May luck, fortune and health forever smile upon you 🙌🏻❤️