• Hollie Berry


Updated: Mar 17

Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses. This is a concept you’ve heard a lot but for me I like to learn things the hard way so it sticks.

This year it has hit me like a ton of bricks. Lately a lot of things have hit me and brought me in to awareness. For this I am thankful for the romantic relationship in my life that has allowed me to see deeper into myself. My own reflection.

A few months ago I hit bottom. I fell into a pit of despair where I could no longer see light. I reached out to anyone who would listen. Anyone who would help. I was on social media a lot. I was sending out smoke signals in the form of Facebook posts and help groups. I did whatever I could to keep from giving into the depression. All I wanted was to close everyone out and hide under the covers. I honestly didn’t feel like I was worthy enough to take up space here anymore.

Like I said…it was bad. So I’m writing this post as a reminder that I have gotten through this. As a reference of what worked for me. Maybe it will work for someone else too.

Life has it’s Seasons-

  1. Winter

  2. Spring

  3. Summer

  4. Fall

Sometimes the seasons can happen in a minute, in a month or even years. However only one thing in life is constant and that is change.

Writing this I can always hear my mom saying:

this too shall pass

It makes me roll my eyes -but it’s true. I read a lot. It’s a form of distraction and retraining your mind. I love listening to Tony Robbins so some of these steps are suggested by him along with other great motivators.

Emotion is created by motion

"Negative" Emotions:






-Depression (Time to Reset priorities)

They all serve a purpose. “Emotional messages” Call to action.

What is the real message this emotion is trying to give me? Think about it.

Feel reassured you can deal with this emotion


Hammer time. Breathe. Count your breathes.

Put a timer on for 15 minutes.

Check in on your feelings again at 15 minutes.

Now this can go any way depending on the situation but this is what has helped in the past:

– Breathe/Meditate

– Journal

– Do DBT work- find the root

– Distract yourself with happy music

-Distract yourself in general. Quick go look at a puppy video or better yet play with your puppy!

-Decide if you want to feel this

-Remind yourself this is temporary. This is going to keep happening. It is a cycle like the seasons. You are going to grow through this into spring.

-Think long term consequences

– Try a Perspective shift

– Ask is this a Problem or a crisis? That’s all life is made from…

-Gratitude. What are you thankful for?


-Take a break, learn to relax.

-Ask is this a chemical, hormonal imbalance or am I causing this? 🤔 If it’s the first two- make sure you drank enough water, ate enough food and had enough sleep.


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